Sunday, November 19, 2006

We have wood floors....

Here is peek at the wood floors...before being refinished. The workers were awesome that pulled up the old floor and installed the new wood floors. They have worked all weekend to finish this for us. It looks much better in person and of course, will look better once they have been sanded and finished. We expect the work to begin on the sanding on Friday. The floor has to acclimate to our house for a few days before they can begin. Hopefully in about a week and a half I will have some finished floors to show you....and then we can begin moving our furniture in and get some things settled downstairs....Hmmm, wonder when those cabinets will be here :)

Sneak peek of nursery

Here is a sneak peek of the's almost there. Just need to get the final touches on the wall decorations and crib bedding and hang the doors and a few other things....however, should she arrive now, we would be ready....Yippie! I have even begun packing her things for the hospital. Now I just need to get my stuff in order.

Works in Progress

Work at the new house has begun in earnest now. As you can see, Michael has been painting the nursery. I am actually gettting it all organized today so I will share more pics later. We have ripped the kitchen out and the wood floor men are here (yes, on a Sunday) finishing the install so next week this time they can sand and stain. The floor has to aclimate to the house for 7 days. I will share some before pics of the floor when they finish. It is looking really good.

Off to more organizing (nesting).