Saturday, February 24, 2007

Peek A Boo

Hey there....been a bad blogger lately.  Not too much to report lately.  Parker has been visiting this week...we went to my office to show her off and she went to the mall with me to buy some much needed new clothes (since I go back to work this week-3/1).  Today, Parker and I took a nice stroll through the new neighborhood.  Here is a picture of her bundled up in her stroller (was not as cold outside as her clothes would suggest). 


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Developments

Parker has just now (finally) noticed the rainforest animals abover her head when she is in her swing.  This obviously has added to her enjoyment of the swing (much to her mother's happiness, the bouncy seat was getting old).  Here is a picture of her enjoying the animals. 


Also, she is really holding her head up in "tummy time".  See picture below.  I also put my hands against her feet today and she "scooted" forward.  Now if I can get her to use her arms too she will be crawling all over the place (note to self: vaccuum the floors really really good and put up all the junk still out from the move before crawling begins).  She got really frustrated being on her stomach and not being able to roll over and crawl.  It was sooooo cute.


House news:

We have shutters up (yippie).  I am certain the neighbors are excited as now they are not subjected to seeing us walk around the house (ya know, post baby figure and all).  Michael jumped in and got the pantry started this weekend.  We just have to finish staining the boards and securing them to the metal brackets.  It is a HUGE space...sigh, I am sure I will find a way to cram it full of stuff :)

We also rearranged the living room and it feels much better in there.  Got our photos out and our Willow Tree figurines so it is starting to feel like home. 

Next on the list is to finish the pantry, hang our pictures/artwork, and paint the foyer and hall. 

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Got Snow?

We do!  Parker's first snow and she is to small and sick to enjoy it.  I am going to put some in a bowl for her so she can feel it and experience her first snow.  The neighbor kids are already out and about sledding down the street and I am sure a snowman or two will soon follow.  See the pics below....