Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something Magical is Happening around Here

It seems like lately, everywhere I turn, someone who has been married for 20+ years is getting divorced.  It also seems that it is about the time that they are about to become or have recenltly become "empty nesters".  How sad.  They are just getting to the point of focusing back on themselves for the first time in like 20 years.  

I feel Michael and I have a very solid marriage but I recognize that it takes committment every day to ensure that solid foundation.  In the rush of the day with all we have on our plates, it is easy to take each other for granted and to only talk about the neccessary stuff that keeps our lives running. 

As part of my One Little Word of 2011 project, I was searching around the blogosphere and found a cute date idea on The Dating Divas for a "Minute it to Win it" challenge with other couples.  While looking at the site, I found a reference to the book "101 Great Nights of Romance".    I promptly ordered the book for Michael as part of his Valentine's Day gift.  The premise behind the book is that the "dates" are sealed and each week one of us picks one and then plans out the romantic evening.  When we go out, we tend to do the same thing each time....dinner, maybe a movie or a trip to the bookstore sans kids.  With this guide, we have some creative, inexpensive ideas at our fingertips and the secrecy makes it even more fun.

Michael took the challenge on with the first date and it was so fun.  We did not even have to leave the house and worry about the hassle of a babysitter.  It was called "Off the Charts" and the ideas was that Michael was supposed to serenade me with a song.  It gave different ideas, including karaoke.  Michael ended up buying a karaoke machine and we had a fun time singing as if we were auditioning for "American Idol".  Really glad he planned this date for home as I would have been way too embarrased to have sung in public. 

It's my turn next and I am looking forward to being creative with my "Countdown Challenge".  So, if you are in the need of some creativity in the dating department whether you are married or not, I highly recommend this book. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Catching Up....and the Truth about Sugar, Fats and Carbs

Been awhile since I posted but I have been busy as a bee the past couple of weeks.  I spent a week in NYC for work and managed to add some fun time to the trip with two buds from work.  We learned a lot at the Conference Board's Talent Management conference and then spent Friday and Saturday sightseeing and eating ourselves to death.  We also took in Mary Poppins while there.  A definite MUST SEE. 

Mary Poppins 

Last week I was playing catch up at home and at work to get things back in order after being away so I feel like I fell off of the face of the Earth for the week.  However, my first day back I did get my annual physicals crossed off of my to do list.  Yep, both docs in one day.  Lots of fun. 

So, want to know the truth about Sugar, Fats, and Carbs.....

Too much of them = High Triglycerides

So, that is the category I fall into.  Mine were 250 and need to be under 200.  The doc told me to start a regime of fish oil 4 times a day and come back in for a check up in 3 months. 

I am going to make some other changes as well since now I have a good challenge in front of me.  Back on the wagon for exercising 6 days a week with a mix of cardio on the treadmill and Jillian's 30 day shred.  I am also paying attention to what is in my food.  It is really amazing how much sugar is in almost everything. 

I am excited to see how low I can get my numbers over the next 3 months. Wish me luck.