Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nursery Almost Ready

If we had a baby today we would be ready to welcome him home in style.  We worked on getting the nursery set up this weekend and taking stock of what we else we need to get before the little one arrives. Parker had a lot of fun playing with all the toys and using them with her baby doll so she is ready for her brother and can now operate all the equipment. She even got in the crib and wound up the mobile.  LIke my sister in law, Kelly, said, we will need lots of batteries thanks to Parker playing with everything all the time. 

Here are some pictures. Just need to hang a few items on the wall and we are ready....







Sunday, July 05, 2009


So it has been forever since I is a little update on the latest with the Stewart's.

  • Baby #2 is a BOY!  We are excited if a little nervous about a boy.  Parker not sure what to expect.  She loved playing with her new cousin Blake at the beach. 

  • We enjoyed a lovely time at Myrtle Beach about a week ago...Parker loved the sand, surf, and baby pool (and the kiddie rides at Broadway on the Beach)

  • We cleaned out our attic this weekend to get all the baby gear down and make room to put our guest room items so we can get the baby's room ready (Man, Parker had a lot of clothes...mental note, they can only wear so much)

  • Parker watched a July 4th parade (Mom and Dad were in it with the derby car)

  • Parker enjoyed playing in the pool on the back porch

  • Parker does not like fireworks, too loud.  She lied when she told me in the car she would not "freak" out...she did. 

That wraps it up for the most part.  Just getting the guest room cleaned out and ready for Baby #2....we are going to get the furniture picked up next weekend so I may have some pictures to show off of the room...we have the bedding and accessories ready to go.  He has lots of clothes too already (thanks to the Carter's outlet). 

Hope all is well and I will try and post more in the coming weeks!