Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chillin on a Saturday

From Parker....

So yesterday I got to chill at home with mom and dad...we played, we slept, we ate, mom and dad did stuff around the house like hang pictures, clean up, laundry (ya know...all that boring adult stuff)...they didn't drag me out of the house to go shopping like most weekends of late....we did go out around 5 and drive around the mountain and then headed to Zaxby's and Lowes (had to do a bit of shopping of course).  Here are two pictures from the weekend....I am really trying to turn over...hoping I can accomplish this feat this week (I did it when I was 2 weeks old for goodness sakes, what happened?)


And here is Dad and I, ya know, chillin on the sofa...


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Autism Speaks

Go to:

and donate for a worthy cause.  Ali is a scrapbooker whose story of her son's autism is inspiring.  She is a really cool more on her blog

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Defending Parker's Honor

It has already begun...defending Parker's honor to a 4 year old boy.  This morning when Michael dropped Parker off at school, he had an exchange with a 4 year old that went like this

Little Boy (LB): What is HIS name?

Michael: It is a SHE and HER name is Parker

LB: Parker sounds like a boys name

Michael: What is your name?

LB: Robbie

Michael: I know some girls with the name of Robbie

LB: no response, walks away

Monday, March 19, 2007

Music to a Mom's ears

So today when I went to pick up Parker from school, I was chatting with one of the other moms.  This was the first time I had met her as usually her husband comes to pick their daughter up.  I said I was Parker's mom (since we have no identity there other than association by our children), and she said "Oh, you're Parker's Mom, I was just saying what a beautiful baby Parker is".  (Insert proud mama smile)  She truly is....we are so not sure where the good looks came from but are ever so grateful. 

Life is good.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Making me happy today

Here is another picture of our adorable, nephew, Wrenn


And, some Gerber daisies to brighten your day.   Spring is almost was like 78 degrees here today with a great breeze.  Parker and I play hooky as I had to take her to the doctor again....she has a cold but it was a great day to skip the afternoon of work and daycare.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Welcome Wrenn Michael Gardner to the Family

Kelly delivered Wrenn in the wee hours this morning around 4:38.  We are very excited to have a new baby in the family.  When I have pics I will post them along with the details as I am not sure that I remember them all correctly. 

We give our love to Kelly and Greg during this special time.

Welcome Wrenn...Parker is ready to play!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

First Day of School

Parker has now entered the big girl world of school.  She started at UTC's learning center this past Thursday when I went back to work.  She seemed to enjoy it but was definitely tuckered out from the change in routine.  She has now slept 5 nights in a row through the night (or at least we did not have to get up with her....she was somewhat talkative through the evening hours but did not fuss so we did not go get her). 

I am holding up OK after going back to work. It has been an adjustment and I am fortunate that I really enjoy my job and my boss which made it somewhat easier to go back. It was hard to leave Parker but it makes the time we spend together now more important.

Hope everyone is doing other news, Michael, Parker and I are anxiously awaiting the news of our niece/nephew's arrival. Kelly is in labor so we are about to be an aunt and an uncle and Parker will have a cousin.  Hopefully we will have pictures soon to share.

Here is a picture from Parker's first day of school...