Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!

We celebrated Parker's 2nd birthday yesterday.  She had a great time celebrating with Elmo.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Week in the Life

Sorry no new pictures here lately.  My camera card died, with over 200 photos on there and I just go a new card to take new pics.  I decided to join ranks with Ali Edwards and participate in her "Week in the Life" assignment.  So here is:

Day 1-Sunday, October 5, 2008












Today we:

Slept late (Parker till 10:30, she was up until 9 the night before)

Read Simple Scrapbooks in bed

Made homemade pumpkin muffins (and licked the beater)

Did laundry (and even put it away)

Michael worked on finishing the deck, almost there

Went to the Ronald McDonald Home Children's festival (with petting zoo)

Went to IHOP for lunch

Went to Gymboree at the Mall

Got the car washed (side window came off)

Parker napped in car while Michael in Lowes

Played with sidewalk chalk

Had McD's (Parker and Kristy) and Taco Bell (Michael) for dinner

Saw same dog at McD's and Taco Bell (laughed that he thought there are those same weird people at both places) 

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to Blogging

Sorry there have not been any updates in months.  Here's a quick rundown of all our goings on:

  • Bathroom is finished....yippie.  Parker loves the new big bath tub but is not too sure about the jets

  • Michael officially pulled off the rebirth of the Chattanooga Area Soap Box Derby in Chattanooga and the two winners spent a week in Akron, OH preparing to compete against the world's best.  Ethan (stock) lost his first heat down and Kurt (super stock) won his first heat but then was taking out his second trip down the hill.  Plans are ensuing for next year's race.

  • Parker is growing like a weed.  She is walking, running, and talking.  She has mastered lots of words and now will repeat what she hears (no potty mouths here anymore).  She thinks she is about 10 and loves to run around with the big kids.  We have to fight to keep her in her stroller and she is now starting to fuss about the car seat.  We officially moved her out of the high chair and she now sits on a booster seat with us at the table.

  • Russell (My brother), got a job with TVA at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant as an operator trainee and he has been staying with us during the week while in class until he and his wife find a place to live.  Parker has enjoyed being around her uncle and she likes it when her Aunt Katie comes to visit too.

  • We spent a week at Myrtle Beach earlier this summer with the Stewart side of the family.  Parker loved running around on the beach and thankfully she did find the water entertaining until the next to the last day so we only spent one day having to constantly run after her as she wanted to plunge into the ocean.

  • I got a promotion at work and am now the Site HR Manager.  This has been a great opportunity but has been very stressful.  I am looking forward to settling in my new position.

  • And how can I forget to mention the TWO bats we have had visit us this summer.  The first one woke me up at 2 am as it rummaged through our bedroom.....not a good thing to wake up to.  We had to have it captured and tested for rabies to ensure we were safe.  The second bat came to visit last Sunday in the evening.  It decided it would like to fly around the downstairs.....well, it messed with the wrong family. No capturing this one, it went to bat heaven.  We had him sent off for testing too and no rabies.  We are now having our house bat proofed to ensure we have no future visitors.

Well, this about sums about the past few months for us.  I will leave you with some much needed pics and I intend to be better about posting updates. 


Dsc_6262 Img_0796 Dsc_6504   

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And the master bath remodel continues....

Here are the latest pictures.  These guys are really making progress.  They tiled the whole bathroom in one day....amazing!




Monday, February 18, 2008

And the master bath remodel begins....

so glad I did not attempt the wallpaper removal myself....there are 3 layers of wallpaper, nice! Here are some pics of the demolition.....



Good bye 1985!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally, an update

Sorry, with the holidays and getting back into the swing of things, I have neglected the good ole blog.  Parker's second Christmas was eventful.  We headed up to VA to be with Michael's family and while there Parker managed to get really, she has now had her first trip to the emergency room.  They thought her issues were just a viral infection but as her condition did not improve (fever of about 104), we got up early the day after Christmas and came home to see her pediatrician.  Turned out she had a pretty extensive ear infection....a couple of shots, an hour later and our sweet Parker was back at 'em.  Amazing!  However, Parker did decide to share her infection with her cousin Wrenn and her Pap while there.  She has a bad habit of sharing her infections.  So, we thought we were all better, finished up the holidays and then on her 4th day back to school, I held her out as she had the sniffles....come to find out she had a respiratory virus that kept her out of school for 3 days (and me out of work).  She recovered from that but then managed to pick up a stomach virus and has been out of school all this week...I am sure my boss has about had it with me by now.  Parker also shared her fun illness with the rest of us. Unfortunately for Michael, he had more of it than I did.  So, I am hoping that next week we can move on from all these illnesses and get back to work and school (someone has to pay for all those Dr bills :)

Other than all the illnesses, Parker thorouhgly enjoyed the holidays and all her neat presents.  She has been playing with all her new toys while she has been at home....perhaps that was her plan all along :)

Here are some recent pics: