Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

So I decided to dress up as a pregnant woman this year :)

Here is the latest picture of me and my belly. I have 7 weeks from today left to go. Starting to worry about coming early....guess that is natural.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thank You

Thanks to Kathy and Lynn for hosting a great shower Saturday evening for Michael and I. Michael enjoyed looking at all the baby gifts....and trying to figure out what to do with them all :) We are swimming in pink and green...this baby better be a GIRL.


We have a sales contract on our old house in N. Chatt. Looks as if we will close on 11/17. Please pray that the closing does not fall through...they have yet to inspect and finalize their financing so I am holding my breath (as I talk to the contractor, Lowes, the tile people, and the appliance people to get things in order for our new home on Signal). Lots of work to be done in both locations so we can officially call Signal Mountain home.

Look how cute....

Look how cute this centerpiece is.....my neighbor, Susie, otherwise known as Martha Stewart made this for a baby shower she hosted and then let us borrow it for our shower Saturday evening. Susie is so creative....perfect centerpiece for Fall showers.

Michael Voted in as Partner

The shareholders at the firm recently voted on this year's prospects to make partner. Michael was up for a vote this year and made it in with flying colors....we hear there was not even a discussion in regard to the topic.

I am very proud of him and he is excited and relieved to have the vote over. He will not officially be a shareholder until January 1.

Hope all is well with everyone....I have been a bad blogger...more posts coming up to update everyone on all that has been going on.