Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chase at 24 weeks and other updates...

Here is a pic of Chase at 24 weeks next to his owl.  He is getting bigger than the owl and is growing every day.  He almost weighs 17 pounds now.  He is almost able to stay sitting up by himself and loves to play with his toys. 


He also had his first taste of cereal this past Tuesday.  He seemed to enjoy it and really wanted to use the spoon himself.  I figured I needed to go ahead and give him solids as he grabbed a french fry out of my hand the other day and tried to go to town on it before I took it away. 


And, today I had Chase in the office on his play mat a few feet from where I was sitting and a few minutes later I looked down and saw this....he is starting to be mobile!  He was so proud of himself.


Other than Chase growing like a weed, Parker has been busy with school.  She had strep throat this past week but she did not let it get her down. She made the best use of her day off from school with Mom by making our annual Easter centerpiece and running around the front yard in the sunshine.  She is getting excited for the weather to be warmer so she can play outside.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoys the Spring weather and Easter.