Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hello Fall....

Fall arrived today here in Signal Mountain.  It was actually chilly-ish for most of the morning.  Parker and I are playing hooky today as she had a fever last night and cannot go to school today (no worries, took her to the doc and she said she is just teething and looks fine).  So, we have taken a nap (very nice) and we played outside in the nice weather this morning.  Below are some pictures.  Parker is sporting one of her new Gymboree outfits (which we rarely buy because they are so expensive but we could not resist).  Isn't she too cute? 



In other news, we hired my brother to help us in the back looks so MUCH better, thanks Russ.  Here is a picture of it now....we are killing the weeds grass and are in the process of figuring out what to do next (till it ourselves and plant seed or hire someone with a backhoe to deal with it and bring dirt so we can lay seed).  However, just getting some trees cut down, stumps ground, weeds killed, and flower beds in makes it look 100% better.  I am imagining the green grass now. Here is a pic of the yard now....


And last but not least, as you can see in the above pics, Parker is standing up...she is pulling up on everything and today she "walked" by pushing her toy car around her bedroom.  She was sooooo cute.  Won't be long at all.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.