Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some days you need a message like this....taken from Melody's blog:

...what if I’d been fed a diet of dandelion greens, raw and cooked and maybe even fried…day after day…maybe with some cream of wheat once in a a while, no sugar…perhaps a slice of bologna on occasion…but, mostly dandelion greens…
….and then, after months and months of that…I get to have crème brulee…..
Let me tell you…it always tastes really good…but it would taste a thousand times better after eating the bitterness of dandelion greens for a while….
Aren’t you thankful for a nice cool breeze, and a spot of shade on a miserably hot day? The spot of shade would just be a spot of shade if it wasn’t for the unbearable heat. How about the way it feels to walk into a warm coffee shop when you’re Christmas shopping during a blizzard? The coffee shop would just be a coffee shop without the blizzard to make you appreciate all that is great about it.
…and that’s how life is…it helps to make sense of things that aren’t so pleasant. Without the bitterness, we would never, ever, know the sweet…we wouldn’t even know that there was such a thing…unless there was a hard day, a hug would just be a hug…a smile would just be a smile…unless there was difficulty, a finish line would just be a ribbon across the road.
I am thankful for dandelion greens to make the crème brulee so much sweeter.

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