Saturday, December 09, 2006

Welcome Parker Elizabeth Stewart

Born November 30th at 5:11 pm.....6 lbs, 1 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. We were totally not expecting her arrival this early but are blessed she is here and in good health. We are biased but we think she is the most beautiful baby in the world. We are doing well adjusting to the change of parenthood. Parker particularly likes the wee hours of the morning to awaken and not go back to sleep in her bassinet but be held so we are adjusting to not much sleep. She is already exerting her confidence and strength by lifting her head off my chest or mat and wants to lift it higher and gets frustrated. I can already envision her walking days....I think I have it hard now I can't wait till she can walk around and get into everything. I am sure I will have plenty of more pictures to post as I get a chance in between feedings and naps. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Santa came early to our household.


  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    We are all biased! She's beautiful!
    Love Grammy

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