Monday, February 15, 2010

Rolling Over...and snow

Chase is now 20 weeks old and has officially mastered rolling over from his back to his belly.  Friday morning he rolled over and I thought it was just because he was rather motivated to get off his back since he had a major blow out.  Well, he has done it every day since, including when he is on the floor, versus the crib.  So, its official, he can roll over.  And now we have two worried parents at home since he refuses to now stay on his back to sleep.  Luckily it is apparently OK for him to sleep on his tummy now that he has mastered the whole rolling over thing (well, according "What to Expect the First Year...").  He is having a blast rolling over to get to his toys and playing with them.  What fun to watch him grow. 

In other news, we are home again today due to another round of SNOW.  Starting to feel like we live above the Mason Dixon line.  Snow is becoming the norm around here.  Parker went outside for a few minutes to make a snow angel and then came back in, she proclaimed it was too cold out.  Then she decided she wanted to play beauty shop with me (I now have four clips in my hair and two ponytails, Nice).  As we were playing she exclaimed she would be right back and she proceeded to get ready to go downstairs to get her...scissors.  Luckily for me I asked her where she was going and quickly put a stop to that.  Imagine what my hair would look like if she had accomplished her mission :)

Hope everyone is staying warm and here's to Spring coming soon (we hope).  Stay tuned for the monthly update picture of Chase with his owl...

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