Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog Re-Haul

So, it has been awhile since I posted here.  I see a direct correlation to the timing of the creation of my Facebook page to the decline in my posts here.  Guess a quick update pic would be in order to calm the masses otherwise known as family who want pics of the kiddos in every form of social media that they can get them...


Yeah, so Chase has grown a bit...he is talking even, and trying to walk.  And Parker, well she is a little girl now.  Really, where does the time go.   

Ok, back to the topic of this old blog.....I am remodeling it and plan to give it a go again.  However, with a new twist.  I'll still post about the kids and family as I know how the grandparents (and great grandparents--Hi Papa Diffenbaugh) love to hear about the latest adventures/tantrums/every day acts of the kiddos but I am also broadening out to use this as a creative outlet.  I plan to include my ramblings on things such as creative pursuits (because seriously, there has to be more to life than picking up Cheerios off of my floor at every meal), moving more, eating less ('cause I need an accountability avenue as these pounds aren't dissolving on their own), motherhood (again, back to the cheerio thing) and living life (as I try everday to pursue a more meaningful and wholehearted life to be a better example to my kids).

OK, I hope you all enjoy being updated on the happenings at the Stewart household and find something useful from my ramblings. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and check back soon....really, like next week or sooner....not next November :)

P.S.--Like the banner?  Photo from my first 5K...that I ran!

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