Sunday, January 11, 2009

Parker is in the News!

Take a look at the picture below....Parker and her classmates were in the paper yesterday from taking a walk while at school.  It was an article discussing how cold it plans to get this next week.  Parker and I took a walk this morning and it was snowing.  Parker would not wear her gloves so she was complaining that her hands hurt by the time we got home.  We made it all better with some hot chocolate :)

I will be posting tomorrow our meal plan for the week. I am happy to report that I did not eat OUT once this week and we stuck to the plan, except Saturday but it was because we were at a birthday party for Lucas.  I sitll made the chili and now we have it to also eat this week.  I also lost 4 pounds this week, guess there is something to be said for eating at home is healthier.  I also ate green beans this week, TWICE.  Amazing, I know (Mom, don't keel over).  I had the Green Giant Steamers, and they are good, especially with italian dressing. 

Parker in the news

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