Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Holidays are Over...

but we had a great time.  I basically took 2 weeks off of work and had a wonderful time with Parker and the rest of my family.  Michael's parents were here for about a week and his sister, brother in law, and our nephew joined us the day after Christmas.  We had a quiet New Years at home but I did cook a nice meal and we watched the ball drop (Parker was asleep).  Michael got a Wii for his birthday so we have been enjoying bowling and tennis and I even figured out how to download Super Mario Brothers (old school style) and we have been playing that (a lot!).  We enjoyed spending time with my grandmother this last weekend and she had a good time playing with Parker.  It is back to the swing of things tomorrow for Parker and I are going back to work and school.  Here are some pictures from the holidays..





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