Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Review: The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno

I was absentmindedly surfing the web over the Christmas holiday and came across the book entitled "The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno"  What a gem of a book.  I struggle constantly with questioning do I have too much stuff, and how much is "enough".  My family and friends know I like to purge, A LOT.  My husband likes to joke with me about how he gave me a UGA felt thing framed and a few years later it shows up for sale at our yard sale and how he was so hurt.  Nothing is sacred when it comes time to purge. 

In his book, Dave talks about why he chose a 100 Thing Challenge and what he hoped to accomplish.  It really is more about only having things that truly make you happy or that you truly need to survive versus filling your home with baubles and stuff that you have to take care of or that make you feel guilty because though you have the materials to be a [insert hobby of choice], you are not a [insert hobby of choice]. 

I highly recommend Dave's book as an entertaining yet thought provocating read.  I plan to pick it up every now and again to remind myself why I have my stuff.  And, when I go on my next purge, it will help me clarify what I need to keep in my life and what I can get rid of to make room for something more amazing in my life (not a physical object).

Good reads!

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