Friday, January 21, 2011

Move More, Eat Less-Weekly Check In

Thursday was Weigh in day!

First off, to back up a bit, I joined weight watchers again the first week of January.  My weigh in was terrible.  I was up 6 pounds from my last weigh in from December.  I did have on a suit and had to use the restroom and it was after the holidays, but still.  I missed the second weigh in thanks to the blizzard of the century causing me to miss work for the week so this was my first weigh in since re-joining. 

158 (down .4)

It is a loss so I will take it but it was evident to me I am going to have to renew my committment to the program.  If I am honest, I probably really gained a little bit but due to the reasons mentioned above, it is showing as a loss due to cicumstances with my first weigh in. 

I have exercised 30 minutes a day (or more) since December 31st so that is a great thing.  However, counting those pesky little points has eluded me. 

Time to commit, NOW! 

Here is to another week...just take it a day at a time. 

Any good motivation out there?

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